Spirit, Art & Nature - Nocera Umbra - 16 luglio

Domenica 16 luglio 2017 (ore 20:30)

(PG), Umbria, Italia

Sunday July 16 8:15pm orientation
Monday - Friday classes ending at 1:30pm on Friday July 21

In our forest studio we will journey within and without - attuning to the subtle energies of Nature and co - creating with the the Deva Spirits.

Nature is a gateway to communion with Spirit and when we are immersed in a creative flow we can feel the mighty power of Spirit moving through us. Through meditation and creative play we will melt into a deep attunement with the presence of the Divine that sparkles throughout all of life.

Fill your chalice at the wellspring. Experience the 'Garden of Eden' as we co - create with the wisdom of Nature.

**No artistic ability is required! You will be guided to open the channel of flowing creative expression.


Email info@awakeningartsacademy.com for more information!

c/o Arte Spirito
Via Montecchio, 61, 06025 Nocera Umbra
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